About Us

The Apiarian and Pharmaceutical Company "APIPOL-FARMA" Ltd. launched its activity in the autumn of 1993, taking over the tradition and rich experience from the Apiarian Company "APIPOL-KRAKÓW" Ltd.

"APIPOL-FARMA" Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company that specializes in refining of natural bee raw materials and in their processing into highly valuable products with curative, preventive and nutritive properties.

The company possesses its own manufacturing premises in Myślenice near Cracow, where on the basis of natural bee products such as: propolis, pollen, royal jelly and herbal honeys medicines and dietetic food products have been developed.

Thanks to its continuous expansion, the modernization of the plant and to the constant upgrade of the product range of the bee products manufactured, "APIPOL-FARMA" Ltd. is one of the leading companies in its field and since the year 2002 has been applying the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP standards.

The company is a founder member of POLFARMED - the Polish Chamber of the Pharmaceutical and Medical Equipment Industry, the National Society for the Propagation of Healthy Foods and Healthy Lifestyle, and co-operates on a continuous basis with numerous scientific and research centres all over Poland.

All items bearing the "APIPOL-FARMA" label possess the required certificates and permits issued by the appropriate official institutions, such as the Ministry of Heath and Social Welfare, the Institute of Food and Nutrition and the Chief Inspector of Health.

Evidence for the high quality of our articles are numerous awards won at national and international fairs.
"APIPOL-FARMA" is unquestionably the leader in the sphere of Apitherapy.