The term comes from Greek words: "apis" - a bee and "therapia" - treatment. Apitherapy that makes use of the medicinal effect of bee products, especially of propolis, floral pollen, bee-bread and royal jelly, receives wider and wider recognition among contemporary natural methods of treatment.

In Poland, apitherapy has particularly long and rich tradition. Bee products are a source for highly valuable proteins, exogenous amino acids, organic acids, enzymes, all the vitamins, bio-elements and biologically active substances, which are responsible for diverse properties of bee specimens.

Long-term pharmaceutical and clinical research and observations in the field of apitherapy have proved favourable effects of bee products in prevention and treatment of various illnesses.

There is a number of recognized medicines obtained from apial raw materials, which are produced in the form of ready pharmaceutical preparations for a therapeutic usage.

There are different types of bee products employed in apitherapy and therefore we can distinguish:

    homogeneous preparations based on only one bee product,
    compound preparations which have two or more bee products in their composition,
    mixed preparations composed from bee products and other natural ingredients and finally,
    herbal honey and honey.